Oncological treatment of blood diseases is one of the most expensive branches of medical care. Every year up to 500 children and their parents face this dreadful diagnosis annualy, getting into a whirlwind of long-term therapies, financial dependence and despair. About 300 children with such diseases need bone marrow transplant and only 20% of them have a related donor and can receive such treatment in Ukraine. Hundreds of children remain without hope for recovery because transplantations from unrelated donors are performed only abroad and cost from 100 thousand US dollars to 350 thousand Euro.

The goal of the Point of Life Project is to eliminate one of the major obstacles for performing bone marrow transplantats from unrelated donors and quality treatment of children with blood cancer in Ukraine.

Krona Foundation invested for creating a Reference laboratory for hematological malignancies diagnostics and performing tissue typing tests of Bone Marrow Transplant Center on basis of Ukrainian Children’s Specialized Hospital “OKHMATDYT”. "Krona" purchased laboratory equipment, reconstruction space of the Laboratory and units in Bone Marrow Transplant Center.

The structure of the Reference laboratory includes following departments: department of hematological and cytomorphochemical investigations, department of immunocytology investigations, cytogenetics technology department, department of molecular biology investigations, tissue typing and cryobiology, statistical department.

Krona also provides a support of children with oncohematology diseases though provision of the equipment, medicine, social and informational support of the patient's families, advocacy of the vital issues such as construction of the Center of the oncohematology, budget purchases of the medicine, etc. About 50 children with blood cancer are the beneficiaries of the Project annually.

Budget of the project is above 10 million UAH.

Partners of the project:

 Ministry of Health of Ukraine
National Specialized Children's Hospital "OKHMATDYT"
"NIKO" Group of Companies
Kyiv Lions Club
YE (Ernst&Young)

Media partners of the project: ICTV, information and analytical portal CSR Journal, LLC "PressCom"

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