05 April 2020

One Heart for Two

In this project, “Krona” aims to create special boxes with enhanced air and surface purification in order to install them in Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery, Unit of Intensive Care of Mother and a Newborn.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Ukrainian healthcare system and patients in healthcare units are at high risk.

For pregnant women and newborn babies with heart defects the risk doubles. They might develop cardiovascular pathologies, not saying of infection danger due to weakened immune system. Every year, about two thousand expectant mothers are at greater risk, and cardiovascular pathologies are at the forefront of maternal and infant mortality.

Today, physicians at Amosov Institute are able to take delivery and perform heart surgery at one time. Cardiologist, obstetrician, gynecologist, and perinatologist all together provide medical care for such a childbirth. Doing so, cardiology center became a sort of maternity hospital for patients with heart problems.

Mothers and their babies need to be protected from coronavirus, that’s why they should to stay in safe post-operative rooms.

We plan to make sure that newborns are close with their moms and receive the necessary qualified help on time. It will be a block of two special wards, a bathroom, a viewing room. The wards will be equipped with inflow and exhaust ventilation, a staff alert system, intensive care facilities, hygienic procedures, all necessary for the baby.

Video of the Project https://is.gd/4hIaot