They need your help

Brave paramedics provide first aid to the wounded in the war. They now need a portable pocket ultrasound machine! This device helps to detect internal bleeding and it makes possible to identify the problem during transportation of the victim and quickly determine further medical care. Donate to help the paramedics in Ukraine do their job!
5 700 €
Collected: 1 215 €
Remains: 4 485 €
Our fundraising efforts have been a success. Our goal was to raise ₴650,000 and we reached ₴880,725. Huge thanks to everyone who donated!
650 000 ₴
Collected: 880 725 ₴
Remains: 0 ₴
Join us to help civilians in Ukraine
Krona Foundation has launched an urgent fundraising program to meet the needs of people affected by war in Ukraine
300 000 ₴
Collected: 236 148 ₴
Remains: 63 852 ₴
Допомога лікарням
One Heart for Two
Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Ukrainian healthcare system and patients in healthcare units are at high risk. They urgently need your help.
2 100 000 ₴
Collected: 262 385 ₴
Remains: 1 837 615 ₴

Your donations give us an opportunity to help seriously ill children on daily basis, providing them with treatment, psychological and physical rehabilitation. It also allows to buy new equipment for hospitals

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