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Допомога родинам
Година турботи для дітей і батьків
Ви можете зробити дітям з тяжкими захворюваннями неймовірний подарунок – допомогу реабілітолога, психолога, логопеда, соціального працівника чи няні, оплативши одну годину їхньої роботи
100 000 ₴
Залишилось: 92 995 ₴
Адресна допомоаг
Polina Kozenkova, spinal muscular amyotrophy
Polya has a serious congenital disease – spinal muscular amyotrophy. All muscles gradually atrophy. The girl urgently needs an operation to straighten and strengthen her spine
600 000 ₴
Залишилось: 481 999 ₴

The All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation "Krona" helps medical institutions to introduce new technologies, create high-quality and comfortable conditions for treatment, and to provide assistance for children with serious illnesses and their families.

Together we are making changes in healthcare system

*Updated November 2 2020
19 000
100 millions UAH
14 000
children and adults received help

Our partners

Targeted assistance

We help children with serious illnesses and their relatives to pay for medicines, consumables, diagnostics, rehabilitation aids, and treatment abroad when there is no opportunity to get medical care in Ukraine.

“Good Pass” Project

A modern and easy way to help children with serious illnesses via the NFC Donation Box.

One Heart for Two

In this project, "Krona" aims to create special boxes with enhanced air and surface purification in order to install them in Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery, Unit of Intensive Care of Mother and a Newborn.