31 March 2020

We are raising funds to procure personal protective equipment for physicians

Krona Charitable Foundation and the Corporate Social Responsibility Center launched a joint project aiming to protect Ukrainian physicians from COVID-19.

During the COVID-19 pandemia, the healthcare system in Ukraine got under tremendous strain. Fighting against the virus requires not only complete dedication from the doctors, but the protection of their own physical health too. A coronavirus vaccine has not yet been developed, so infected physicians may suffer from disease themselves and become a source of infection for patients with weakened immunity in other wards. Therefore, sufficient amounts of personal protective equipment for physicians are critical. Unfortunately, public funding is not enough to cover all the needs, so we must join forces and get involved in rescuing those on the medical front.

To cope with the situation, we addressed the Corporate Social Responsibility Center and started a joint project. In its frames we bring together various philanthropists – businesses, non-governmental organizations, volunteers, and individuals. Together we procure personal protective equipment and other medical supplies, transferring them to medical institutions. We monitor needs of hospitals in real-time, responding to them, and publicly reporting on tasks completed.

The following businesses have already become project’s partners: Syngenta Ukraine, Carlsberg Ukraine, Corteva Agriscience, Isobar Ukraine, BMSERVICE, Ferrero Україна. Also, it got support from hundreds of people.

We are planning to provide necessary equipment for 10 hospitals in different regions of Ukraine. Together we can stop spreading of the virus and strengthen the healthcare system!