19 September 2019

Good habits restore hearing

Charity campaign #the.world.of.good in favor of a young girl who lost her hearing has started in social networks. Campaign’s motto is Develop a habit of becoming better.

A good friends of ours – young girls Kateryna Zhuyko and Alyona Zbrotskaya have initiated a charity campaign to help 25-year-old Iryna Sholyk.

Irina recently lost her hearing. Doctors still can’t determine the exact cause. She had a pathology of vision diagnosed right after birth and, as a child, went through several eye surgeries. Her hearing failed when Irina was 25. Because of this, she had to quit job and move to her mother’s village.

Kateryna and Alyona created an Instagram page @the.world.of.good, where they raise money for a cochlear implant for Irina. Every day, girls offer their subscribers various tasks for physical activity and psychological tone. They also give useful tips on personal development and health. Dozens of people, who set goals to get rid of bad habits and to acquire new ones, joined the marathon and made donations for Irina.

Irina also participated the marathon. She made a list of her bad habits and chose one to work on to improve herself.

“So, I joined the marathon Develop a habit of becoming better. Found a few minutes to do some warm-ups, and don’t regret it at all! Now I feel the flow of energy and vigor!)) Some exercises you can see in my video, but I’ll try to do all the assignments, I promise!” Irina wrote.

Thanks to the campaign, Kateryna and Alyona collected 33 052 UAH.