25 May 2020

Krona transferred medical equipment and PPE to hospitals in Kyiv and Vinnytsia

The laboratory of Kyiv City Children's Hospital №1 is now equipped with brand new automatic biochemical analyzer Mindray BS240.

The laboratory of Kyiv City Children’s Hospital №1 received brand new automatic biochemical analyzer Mindray BS240. Now it helps to monitor the condition of patients and operatively respond to spreading of COVID-19. The automatic biochemical analyzer is accurately calculating the amount of various elements in blood. Its capacity is 200 blood tests per hour! Often children’s lives literally depend on it.

The analyzer is worth UAH 313,000. Krona Foundation purchased it thanks to the donations from partners and #TogetherAsOne campaign held by Ukrainian affiliate of the international IT-company EPAM

The Ukrainian branch of the company announced their #TogetherAsOne campaign yet in March, when COVID-19 just broke in. The idea was to engage workers of regional offices to interact with local communities and raise funds in favour of local hospitals.

We had to act very quickly, in advance, because it was a question of safety of doctors and people in need. We had only three days to understand the situation with the help of hospitals, to choose reliable partners, and to build the architecture of the whole project. On the third day we had a clear detailed plan of activities against COVID-19.

The project involved 8 charitable organizations, one diplomatic mission and 15 EPAM specialists in the organizational part. Krona Foundation acted as a partner in Kyiv and Vinnytsia.

More than 700 EPAM employees participated the action, donating funds through Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace.

As a result, EPAM handed over UAH 549,452 to Krona Foundation:

? UAH 245,896 were spent to buy the biochemical analyzer for Kyiv City Children’s Hospital №1
? UAH 303,550 were spent to buy 2,200 units of personal protective equipment for physicians of Vinnytsia Regional Center for Emergency and Disaster Medicine