22 February 2022

The year of hearts: report for 2021

The All-Ukrainian Foundation “Krona” presents its annual report. The amount of charitable assistance provided throughout 2021 totals 15,523 million UAH

Last year, Krona received UAH 15,809,880 of charitable income from legal entities and individuals. UAH 15,522,521 was spent on charitable projects, mostly in health care.

More than 50% of the sum helped to purchase equipment, medicines and materials for medical institutions;

20% were used as targeted assistance for the treatment of children and adults.
In early 2021, Krona completed its big project, One Heart for Two at Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery. We renovated the maternity wards and furnished them with necessary equipment. By the end of the year, these wards have already hosted young mothers and newborn babies with heart failure

In the reporting year, in partnership with 1+1 TV channel, we realized the dreams of several children with severe diseases. Together with the channel we organized the unforgettably bright charity event “Your Dream” on the basis of “Your Day” TV show.

Within 15 years of its work, Krona has implemented 270 projects and provided over UAH 130 million of assistance.

Please see the full report in Documents and reports chapter Reports – AUCF “Krona