26 February 2021

Renovation of the postnatal wards

Krona Foundation has completed the first stage of the arrangement of the intensive care wards for mothers and newborns in premises of Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery

Creation of postnatal wards in ANICS is the goal of Krona’s One Heart for Two project. It started two years ago and the idea behind this project is to give access to high-quality, highly professional medical care to the expectant mothers who have heart defects. Such defects pose serious risk to women and their babies during delivery, so special attention and special conditions are needed.

Yesterday, the Head of Krona Foundation Olena Matsiboh and the Chief Physician of ANICS Oleg Siromaha approved the results of renovation in future postnatal wards. Now there is a bright, modern, warm, and safe space with two rooms, a bathroom, and an observation room. The walls, the floor, and the ceiling are finished with materials that are easy to clean from nosocomial infections. The door has a proximity sensor and opens automatically. That helps to prevent the transmission of infections and eases the transportation of patients between the ward and the surgery room.

Newborn babies and women who underwent heart surgery will be able to stay here together under the supervision of specialists.

The project’s task on the next stage is to equip the wards with the necessary equipment: beds, babytherms, quartz lamps, patient monitors, autoclave, sterilizer etc.

ANICS is the only institution where pregnant women with heart defects can receive qualified medical care. That means both supervision throughout pregnancy and assistance during childbirth. The postnatal wards give new opportunities for women — but for the Institute as well. We decided to develop the obstetric cardiology program, and to create a separate department. Cardiologists, neonatologists, and obstetricians will work there as a team, — says Oleg Siromaha, the Chief Physician of ANICS.