08 December 2020

“Krona” created an art project dedicated to children with disabilities and people who take care of them

The aim of the project is to share stories, dreams and values of the families that raise children with severe illnesses and to encourage community to support them

The project is called “Special”. It’s a photo novel, where images and quotes reveal the unconditional love, courage and wisdom of children and their parents. As well as hope – one that inspires teachers, rehabilitation specialists, and philanthropists to struggle for every step, every smile, every word, every sound, and every touch of those special children.  

Every kid is unique. Their physical features, diagnoses, patterns of behavior and living conditions are different. However, every single one is beautiful. Each one of them deserves love and respect. Usually people don’t know how to react and communicate with such children. Little of us know what we can do for them. This project is meant to show the beauty, sympathy and opportunities. In fact, it is not that difficult to make the environment more inclusive – if we join our forces.

The project focuses on 12 families. The stories are different and similar at once. Some children are being raised by mothers alone, others have full families with siblings. Behind their backs there are people who help with the most important things: provide medical and psychological assistance, create an inclusive space, and deliver indispensable services.
We are grateful to professional photographers, make-up artists, photo studios, and drivers, who donated their time and skills to make this project happen.

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