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250 children need spinal surgery every year. For high-quality and safe intervention, you need an electrocoagulator. These equipment “solders” the vessels when cutting tissues and saves the patient’s blood
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More then 250 Ukrainian children have very hard spinal deformities annually. Even super-experienced surgeons are in shock. Typically, such curvature is the cause of damage to the bone marrow, internal organs and hundreds of nerves. The operation carries a huge risk of complications. One inaccurate tweezers movement, one accidentally clamped nerve can have irreversible consequences, up to paralysis. Additionally, if a child loses almost all of his blood during the operation this is disastrous!

The vertebrologists of the OKHMATDET children hospital are perform complicated operations for severe malformations of the spine. Also, all cases of injuries with damage to the spine get to them.

One operation lasts from 5 to 8 hours, sometimes longer. During this time, the child loses up to 3 liters of blood. To reduce blood loss in modern surgery using electrocoagulants. This is a device with intelligent software and nozzles such as electroscalp and electric tweezers. At cuts and manipulations it at once “solders” vessels that does not allow to bleed.

The old device served surgeons and children for more than seven years. So it stopes working more and more often during the surgeries.

Help us to buy equipment that saves children’s lives! It need UAH 682000 for electrocoagulator BOWA A-400

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