Most of these families cannot afford paying for household and professional services. Although they need it, more than anyone else does. A lawyer, a psychologist, a babysitter, a photographer, a hairdresser, an art therapist, a driver, a cleaner, a speech therapist, a foreman for minor repairs?

Minor home repairs or cleaning the house
Deliver goods and products
Help in caring for a child
Photo shoot
Hairdressing and/or manicure
Give a ride to training or to the event
Assist in learning, development, provide psychological assistance
Other services
Alternatively, you can pay for an hour of a professional’s work

Together we are making tremendous changes in the lives of these children

Parents caring for a child with a serious illness can take advantage of the generous hours
*Updated 14 June 2021
hours ordered
hours donated

I want to help

    У цьому полі зазначте коли вам зручно допомогати дітям. Це може бути конкретни дати (наприклад, 13, 15 січня 2021) або проміжок часу (наприклад, кожен вівторок протягом травня)

    The project is implemented with financial support