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Серце одне на двох 29.03.2019


We have set up an ambitious goal – to create special intensive care rooms for mothers and newborn babies at the National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery named after Amosov. Usually children are born in a maternity hospital. And there are those who were born at a cardiac hospital. They can be called lucky. A few years ago, they could never feel their mom's and dad's hugs, because their mothers had heart defects. Childbirth in such a situation is a great risk of losing not one but two lives.

Every year, about two thousand expectant mothers are at greater risk, and cardiovascular pathologies are at the forefront of maternal and infant mortality.

Four years ago, at the Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery, they decided to change this situation and started the program “Obstetric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery”. Now women with heart defects are laboring at the Amosov Institute under the watchful eye of a team of doctors. Even during pregnancy, they successfully perform cardiac surgery.

We plan to make sure that newborns are close with their moms and receive the necessary qualified help on time. Now the institute does not have such an opportunity: while a mother ought to be in an adult intensive care unit a baby is in a maternity ward with one of the relatives.

It will be a block of two special wards, a bathroom, a viewing room. The wards will be equipped with inflow and exhaust ventilation, a staff alert system, intensive care facilities, hygienic procedures, all necessary for the baby, including humidicrib (if the baby is born earlier).

Totally this project requires UAH 1 970 500. Let's do it together! 


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