One Heart for Two

30.07.2019 Серце одне на двох

One Heart for Two - that’s how we named our new project. Within it we provide specialized intensive care chambers for moms and babies at Amosov Institute.

There are times when pregnancy and childbirth impose significant risk on lives of a woman and/or a child. About two thousand expectant mothers get into the risk caused by heart diseases every year.

Amosov Institute recently started a program called Obstetrical Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery. Now, expectant mothers receive medical help from cardiologists, obstetricians, and perinatologists all at once. Women successfully undergo surgeries even during pregnancy. Accompanied by a multidisciplinary team, they safely give birth to their babies.

“The team consists of highly qualified specialists from Lukyanova Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology and from ours, — says Vasyl Lazoryshynets, DMSc, the Director of Amosov Institute. — They work together in operating room at the time of birth of children who have complex heart defects, detected on early stages. While obstetrician-gynecologists perform caesarean delivery and stay in charge of mother, cardiologists immediately start operating a child. Many babies, who were born at our institute, have survived thanks to specialists. To this date, more than 2.5 thousand pregnant women have received medical care from the Institute. 54 of them were operated and gave birth safely. It is important that the mother and the newborn baby stay in the same space under the supervision of specialists”.

For such cases we plan to create two specialized chambers, where moms with their babies can stay together after the surgery.
Right now, they stay separately: the mother is delivered to Intensive Care Unit and her baby is in Infant Department with one of the relatives


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