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15.07.2019 Марафон здоров'я
Two girl volunteers have announced a charity online marathon "Sugar Free" in social networks to help the 16-year-old boy to overcome a deadly illness.

Girls called everyone to join the initiative and to refuse from sugar, pastries, and sweet drinks for 14 days. Instead, the participants each day had to pay a donation in the amount equal to the cost of ice cream, cake or sweet soda for the treatment of our ward Nikita Maletskіy.

"Thus, in 14 days, each participant in our charity project will bring tangible benefits to their health, giving up sugar in any form, and will increase Nikita's chances for a healthy future," - say the initiators.

The marathon was attended by 150 people. In two weeks we rise 31 thousand hryvnia for treatment of Nikita in Germany.

In general, we planned to raise UAH 1485000. 
At the beginning of this year, the boy found a malignant tumor of the brain-glioblastoma. This is the most aggressive type of tumor that practically does not undergo treatment by standard methods available in Ukraine. In Germany, Nikita began the course of treatment with anti-tumor vaccination and immunotherapy.

About Nikita

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