These children and their parents are struggling with serious illnesses. It requires incredible fortitude and courage.
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Ірина Шолік, двостороння сенсорна глухота 30.08.2019

Iryna Sholyk, bilateral sensorineural deafness

Until recently, Irina lived like most people of her age.  Despite poor eyesight and hearing loss, she worked, spent free time with friends, met a guy. But one night in July trouble struck her, which took everything away from her. She lost her hearing completely...
Doctors cannot establish the cause of Iryna’s hearing loss. Pathology of sight manifested immediately after birth. As a child, Irina had 4 eye surgeries. And the rumor disappeared only in the 25th year of life.

After hearing loss, Irina was fired from her job. She was forced to leave her usual life and move to her mother in the village. . In addition, due to the heavy load on the residual vision, it began to deteriorate rapidly. Irina needs hearing to avoid further complications with vision.

A survey at the Institute of Otolaryngology (Kiev) gave hope. A cochlear implantation can help a girl. Doctors recommend surgery as quickly as possible.  In this case, there is a chance to regain the ability to hear. But the cost of the cochlear system is 14,600 euros. For Irina and her mother, this amount is exorbitant because they income is a disability pension in the amount of 1,497 UAH.

Iryna dreams to hear again and you need only a little miracle and good hearts.

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